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Canada 150 SDG Birthday Gifts

JOIN children & youth creating Canada 150 SDG collage BIRTHDAY GIFT BOXES for each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and mailing postcards to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

A photo of birthday gift boxes for Canada's 150th birthday.

A second photo of birthday gift boxes for Canada's 150th birthday.

Canada 150 SDG Birthday Gift collage boxes initiative.

Canada 150 SDG Birthday Gift postcard download

Invite your class, club or faith community to create a collage birthday gift box to let our government know that Canadians want to fulfill our SDG and 0.7% official development assistance (ODA) funding promises. Choose one of the SDGs and create a collage by cutting from magazines or drawing pictures that represent that goal to you.

If you live in the greater Toronto area, Millennium Kids would be happy to bring a workshop, materials and postcards to your classroom/group to help you create your own SDG birthday gift box (email The 45-75 minute workshop covers the United Nations, government, Canada and the global community, and civic engagement. (Suitable for grades 3-12; e.g. gr 5/6 government unit, gr 10 civics class.)

If you live outside of the greater Toronto area, cardboard shoeboxes work well for the Canada 150 collage birthday gift box. You can invite your local member of parliament to your classroom to give him/her the SDG gift box or drop it off at your MP’s constituency office. Be sure to explain that the gift box represents your hope that Canada will fulfill our SDG promise and 0.7% ODA funding toward this end as our 150th birthday gift to the world. Click here to find your local MP’s name by your home postal code.

Don't forget to tweet photos of your SDG gift box to Millennium Kids (@MKs4SDGs), your local MP and the Prime Minister (@JustinTrudeau)!

TOGETHER let’s keep Canada’s SDG promise to end poverty and hunger, and create a sustainable world!!